The NABC needs volunteers to survive. Without your support, the NABC wouldn't be able to raise funds through concessions and other events. Here are several ways you can get involved...

NABC Officers & Directors

Annual elections are held during the July meeting. Any NABC member is eligible to be nominated and elected for any Officer or Director position. Typically, it is best to attend multiple NABC meetings prior to running for a position so there is time to learn and understand the responsibilities. See the Booster Club Officers page for current positions.

Boys & Girls Basketball Tournament

Each year, the NABC holds two youth basketball tournaments. Volunteers are heavily needed to make these two events successful. We will need help admissions, concessions and gym supervisors.

  • Boys Tournament held mid-January.
  • Girls Tournament held early February.

See the Youth Basketball page for more details.

Golf Benefit

Every August, the NABC hosts a golf benefit to raise money for the NABC General Fund account. Much help is needed to run this event (registration, hole supervisors, raffle prizes, donations, etc). See the Golf Benefit page for further details and contact information.

Grill Crew & Concessions

During home football games, the NABC would like to have a set group of people to run the grill for consistent food quality. If this is something you would be interested in doing for each football game, please contact any NABC board member.

For concessions help, contact Mary Knickerbocker (maryknic@msn.com) or just stop by the concessions area and just ask if any assistance is needed.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If these NABC volunteer opportunities aren't a good fit for you, the City of Norwalk has many other ways you can be involved with the community. Check out the city's Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.